State Compensation Insurance Fund
Information Systems

State Fund's information systems resources are intended to be used solely by authorized users in the course of legitimate corporate business.   Users will be monitored to the extent necessary to properly administer the system and investigate unauthorized access or use including, but not limited to, abuse of Electronic Mail Services and/or inappropriate use of the Internet.

By accessing this system you are consenting to this monitoring and are subject to all policies and guidelines referenced in the Corporate Policy numbers EC&F 2.2, IT 6.0, and IT 6.1.   Official copies of these policies are available for review on State Fundís Intranet Worksite or from your supervisor after reasonable notice.

Per these policies, those using this system for unethical, criminal and/or unauthorized purposes will be subject to employee discipline, up to and including termination and other legal action as provided by California law.   Legal action may include civil and/or criminal prosecution.

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